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Horseback Riding in North GA

Have you ever tried Horseback Riding in North Georgia?


If you have ever been on a Georgia Horseback Riding trip then you know how much fun it can be to take in the great outdoors from the back of a horse. You are free from the street noise and other reminders of city life. It is especially enjoyable when the leaves are changing because you can cover a lot of distance and go places where you normally would not be able to reach. If you are trying to hike the mountain trails and take in the beautiful scenery then you are limited by how far you can walk in a few hours. A horse can carry you a lot farther than you could ever go on foot and you are not exhausted at the end of the trip but you might get a little saddle sore.

 I am sure that many of the visitors to North Georgia would love to get involved with Georgia Horseback Riding but it can be difficult to find a stable that offers full tours instead of limited trips. Quite a few of the local stables will let you ride the horses in a pasture or through a small park but that is not really an adventure, is it? To truly get a feel for the backwoods of North Georgia and do it safely, you will need a guide to show you the way.

 That is why North Georgia Outfitters is known for their adventures and not just a standard tour. You can schedule a tour that lasts a few hours or really get into Horseback Riding in North Georgia by planning an overnight trip. Their guides are intimately familiar with the trails that wind through the public and private land of Lumpkin and Dawson counties. You will be able to stop at streams and hidden waterfalls that are impossible to access using the roads that cut through the mountains. Some of the best views are in locations that you cannot reach by car and few people get to see them unless they are riding a horse or are experienced back packers. Another great thing about riding a horse is that they do not scare the local wildlife as badly as other modes of transport. It gives you the opportunity to watch the local animals in their day to day lives.

 It is a very low impact way to enjoy the outdoors and almost anyone can go on these rides. The horses are chosen for their smooth gait and picked to match the riders comfort level and experience with horses. You will not have to be a cowboy to relax and enjoy the ride.


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